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Since 1908
Shipping Information
  Safety Warning:
All sales by the company and all acceptances of orders or offers are expressly subject to the following additional terms of sale.  
The products sold by the company are in general, items to be used in a tension or pull manner, so caution must be exercised so that the product is not subjected to a side loading that will cause an additional or unintended loading. All metal products, whether sold new or returned for treatment by the company are subject to wear, misuse, overloading corrosion, deformation, intentional alteration, fatigue and other usage factors which may reduce the safe working capacity of the products.  
All items must be regularly inspected for:
1. Marks, nicks, gouges, cracks, and excessive linewear.
2. Wear, especially excessive wear at bearing points, threads, sheaves and block sides.
3. Twists or bends.
4. Stretching or distortion.
5. Unauthorized welding, cutting or general heat application.
6. Opening or stretching of hooks and shackles.
7. Loose or worn retaining latches on hooks.
8. Mushroomed striking faces on hammers, and splitting items.
These conditions must be resolved (tested, repaired or replaced) before the items are put back into service. In addition, all metal products need periodic maintenance and treatment to maintain operating capacity and tolerances. When items are questionable, they may be returned to the company for inspection and treatment at a reasonable cost.

  Warranty / Disclaimer - Please Read Carefully:
1. For a period of one year from the date of the company's shipment, the company warrants each new product manufactured by the company or used product returned to and reannealed by the company (the "goods") to be free from defective materials or workmanship and will at the company's option, repair or replace, without charge, F.O.B. our plant any defective goods provided:
  a. The customer gives immediate notice of such alleged defects.
  b. The goods are maintained and used strictly in accordance with all applicable government laws, rules, regulations and the company's recommendations: and
  c. The goods are not altered or repaired other than by or under the direction or supervision of the company.
2. The company and customer expressly agree that repair or replacement, at the option of the company, shall be the sole and exclusive remedy of the customer for breach of the above express warranty, and the company shall not be liable for any loss, personal injury, damage or expenses directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from accident or the use or failure of the goods described herein, or from improper or inadequate assembly, inspection or maintenance of the goods described herein and in no circumstances whatsoever shall the company be liable nor shall any claim be made against the company for indirect or consequential damage including, without limitation, loss of profits, loss of use or damages consequential upon loss of use, even if the company has been advised of the possibility thereof.
3. As to any and all goods sold or returned for treatment by the company, this warranty is in lieu of and the company disclaims any and all other warranties, express or implied arising by law, course of dealing, course of performance, usage of trade or otherwise, including but not limited to all warranties as to condition, use, operation, design, quality, capacity, workmanship, installation, servicing, latent defects, compliance with any law, ordinance, regulation, rule, contract or specification, merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, and all other qualities and characteristics whatsoever.
4. The customer expressly agrees that the goods herein are not sold by description and that there are no representations warranties, or conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, other than those herein contained nor shall any agreement collateral hereto be binding upon the company, unless it is in writing hereupon or attached hereto, and duly signed by the company.
5. The customer agrees to deliver to each end user and buyer at the time of each resale of any of the goods herein, copies of the company's foregoing safety warning and warranty/disclaimer. The company will rely on the customer's doing so in order that each of the goods herein in advance will be advised of the goods' warranty limitations and of the risks of use.

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