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Since 1908
About Us
  About Us!
Opsal Steel Ltd. - New Headquarters!

Opsal Steel Limited, owned and operated by British Columbian people, is a company founded on a tradition of excellence; excellence in product and excellence in customer service.

"The provision of crafted products for industrial uses... coupled with personalized customer service, will always be the motto of Opsal Steel Limited and of every Opsal employee."

These company goals were set by Opsal Steel Limited at the inception of the company. for 80 years Opsal Steel Limited equipment has been known throughout the forest, mining, construction and fishing industries for its'strength, dependablity, precise machine work, careful fitting and assembly. Over the years we've prided ourselves in manufacturing practical, quality equipment that gives you an excellent retrun on your investment.

Our trademark "OSCO" has come to be recognized as a hallmark of quality. we are vitally concerned that our equipment give better-than-average satisfaction. In keeping with this policy, we are constantly introducing imporovements and new designs. While we take pride in supplying new equipment of the most modern type, we deen it of equal importance that our customers get one hundred per cent service out of our equipment already in use. We are in a position to ship promptly from stock at all times; not only the newer type of equipment, but also parts required for many of our older designs no longer being manufactured.

We want you to know that our interest in the "OSCO" equipment which you purchase does not end with the bookkeeping transaction. We back up every sale with as much service as possible. Please feel free to call on us for information and advice.

Opsal Steel Limited
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Opsal Steel Limited

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Opsal Steel Limited 19388 Enterprise Way, Surrey, BC, Canada V36 6J9

*Tel: 604.533.5555*Fax: 604.533.8680 *Toll Free: 1.800.296.7725 *Email: Sales@ OpsalSteel.com
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