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Since 1908
FairleadsRT  Fairleads - Roller Type  
Fairleads - Roller Type
The “OSCO” Roller Type Fairleads are well constructed from the highest quality materials. The frames are made from Cast Steel then annealed for added strength. They feature a wide base for rigidity and stability. The four Cast Steel rollers are heat treated for extra hardness to give you long wear and service, operate on iolite bushings. These conventional roller type fairleads have proven their worth time and time again.

Properly maintained these fairleads will give you years of service and an excellent return on your investment. If you have any questions about choosing the correct fairlead for your particular requirement, give us a call at Opsal, we will be pleased to assist you.

To assure you total satisfaction we back up every sale with as much service as possible and stock a complete inventory of “OSCO” parts for your convenience.

Material:  Steel     Colour: 
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 Item Description Size Weight Safe Workload Qty test
OS3515000 Fairleads - Roller Type 4" x 12" Rollers 290 lb.
OS3520000 Fairleads - Roller Type 3" x 9" Rollers 141 lb.
OS3525000 Fairleads - Roller Type 2" x 7 " Rollers 65 lb.
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